Virtual Tax Prep


The Virtual Tax Prep process allows you to have the convenience of online filing with the assurance and peace of mind that comes with having a tax professional prepare your return. Virtual Tax Prep is an easy, stress free option which provides professional, personalized service for all of your tax needs.

How It Works:

  1. Click on the “Request Service” button, fill out the “Request Service” form, and click “Send”.
  2. One of our many qualified tax pros will receive your request and respond back with a Welcome Email.
  3. You will received a second email that contains a link to a secure client folder. This folder is encrypted and allows you to upload your tax documents safely & securely for review by your tax pro.
  4. Once your tax professional receives your documents the tax preparation process begins! Your tax professional will work with you by phone & email to ensure that your return is completed quickly and accurately.
  5. Once the return is ready to be processed you will have the option to complete in one of our offices or Approve Online. At this time your tax professional will review your tax return with you, provide tax planning advise for next year, collect payment, and e-file your return*.

What Does it Cost?

Virtual Tax Prep offers a competitive pricing solution for professionally prepared returns. It true that it is not as cheap as Do-It-Yourself options, but it offers the same service guarantee and professional expertise of having a return prepared in one our offices. We stand behind our work with year-round availability whenever you need it!

See our pricing sheet for more information:

Professional Service Online Pricing 

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